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eCommerce Software with Simple Tool to Check SEO Tags Against Google's Criteria

23 April 2015 12:44

I am certain that you have all read Google's "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide", and are aware of the importance of creating unique page title and description meta tags. The title (meta) tag is a piece of code that  Google uses to list your page, and the description meta tag provides Google with a summary of your page. If you've not given this much consideration then I recommend that you begin because your site will not perform as well on Google as you would like it to if you don't!

How do I know if my site has title tags and description meta tags?

With KhooSeller new software this is simple to achieve as we have included a Page SEO List. This lists every folder, page, and product (if you have an eCommerce website), and gives the SEO url title, the Title Meta Tag, Meta Keywords, and the Meta Description.

This is a searchable list that enables you to change the tags quickly, and check for things that Google will penalise you for e.g. duplication of url titles, meta title tags, and meta descriptions.

Other eCommerce platforms, such as Magento allow you to control your SEO tags, as does Shopify, but the KhooSeller platform puts it into an easy to edit table, and has a search that brings up duplicate tags that Google will penalise you for (see example below).

screen grab 001