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How To Set Up Relevant Landing Pages Within Minutes

03 December 2015 11:51

There is a lot of talk in the SEO world about 'landing pages' but what exactly are these and why are they important?

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are the pages customers land on when they first arrive at your website. As Unbounce put it, "A landing page is a standalone web page dedicated to a single product, service or campaign."

Some marketeers view landing pages as a 'conversion form' to funnel your customer through.

Why are landing pages important?

Landing pages are essentially your chance to make a first impression and build trust. It is particularly important that they are relevant to the user who has arrived at your website. The user needs to be quickly assured that they are in the right place, and will be directed to the right information.

Landing pages not only direct your users journey through your website, they also help direct search engines.

How do I build a relevant landing page?

Relevant landing pages help reassure users that you understand their query and importantly, have the answer.

One way to structure your landing page to show this, is by following a simple pattern:

Headline: Your headline will be the first line users read when they land on your page. It should sum up the page content and offer users an answer to their question.

To create the perfect headline, it's useful to think about the conversation you are having with your customers, which starts before they land on your page. What question have you posed to users? Why have they clicked on your page?

Text: The text on a landing page should explain the value of the offer clearly, simply, and in a compelling way. Bullets and headings can help break up large chunks of text.

Meta-tags/Keywords/SEO URLS: Like any other page on your website, your landing page needs to have a unique title tag, meta description, and SEO URL. Within KhooSeller, you can use these to write your 'marketing speel' for Google and optimise your page for search engines.

Lead-Capture/Conversion Form: The most critical component of any landing page is the contact form or 'lead-capture'. Within KhooSeller, you can make this as a separate contact form and add this to the bottom of your landing page. 

Imagery: Images not only make pages more appealing, but also help visitors visualise your offering. Be sure to include good quality, relevant images to help your page succeed.

Can we help?

As a team of designers, marketeers and developers, we are uniquely placed to help you build the perfect landing page. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to speak more about how to build your page.

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