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How Using a CRM Improves your Customer Management

11 April 2016 09:48

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. We all know that the customer is king however, do your systems fully equip you to serve your client base? 

With a CRM you can streamline how you manage customers by storing all your information about a customer in one place, collating all events which occur around the customer and monitoring all future events. All of this will lead to a more unified experience for the customer when they contact your team and a more efficient means of keeping track of your customer base. 

1) Never lose your customers information

The KhooSeller CRM allows you to keep all of your customers information on one unified place. You can add your own custom fields and group your customers into custom groups.  

Grouping your customers and tagging them appropriately not only allows you to quickly find clients, it also allows you to filter your reporting and tracking for particular groups. You can easily send e-campaigns to a selection of your customers and track their buying habits. 

By never losing your customers information, you can glean valuable insights and appropriately target your marketing for your customer base. 

2) Improve your customer communications

The CRM allows you to add events every time your customers contact you. Your team can then store customer 'events' so that all members of your team can see what has happened with a certain client by simply finding their account. 

'Events' can be anything from phone calls and notes to incoming and outgoing emails, statement reminders or pre-setup emails. Enabling this level of tracking will give you visibility of your customer communications and allow you to manage your clients in a more personal, effective manner. 

3) Save time tracking your customer emails

Finally, the CRM also helps you keep track of your customer emails. By setting up your CRM to collect your incoming email, you can collate all your emails from a particular customer in your customer Events trail. This allows your CRM to display your full history with a client and also give detail on dates, information and attachments. 

Can we help?

If you would like help setting up the CRM or enabling the features mentioned, do not hesitate to get in touch as our team would love to speak to you.