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KhooCommerce: Managing Amazon Vendor & eCommerce Orders

26 July 2016 14:22

KhooSeller are excited to launch the Khoo Commerce platform which allows B2B retailers to sell their products across multiple channels

When you sell through your own website and other online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, it can be a challenge to maintain control over your stock and orders. This is particularly true of retailers selling via Amazon Vendor Central as order processing can be time-consuming and will often prohibit retailers from maintaining their own online presence.

Recent research by Web Retailer into Amazon Sellers, sighted that less than a third of Amazon resellers have their own website presence whilst around two-thirds fear being banned by Amazon (read more here.) There may be many reasons for this however, it does suggest a strong revenue reliance on Amazon and other online platforms, which some business may wish to change or rebalance. To find out more of the Amazon Survey. To find out more about the benefits of selling through your own website presence and Amazon vendor, click here.

In response to working with online retailers, KhooSeller developed the extensive, integrated Khoo Commerce e-commere platform. The KhooCommerce software enables multi-channel, B2B, B2C and Amazon Vendor retailers to streamline their eCommerce processes and benefit from an ROI of up to 500%*.

How does it work? 

To understand how the solution works, it's useful to understand how Amazon Vendor works and then see the difference of running this process in parallel with your website. 

Current Setup

Amazon Vendor is Amazon’s invite-only channel for high growth or revenue retailers. 

When you become an Amazon Vendor, you are given access to a Vendor Central admin area. This area allows you to upload your products and receive and fulfil Amazon Purchase orders.

When Amazon places a Purchase Order with you, you'll receive a notification of their order and shall need to complete an Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) to let Amazon know what products are coming and when. 

This requires extensive 

Managing Amazon Vendor orders alongside your website orders 

KhooCommerce takes this manual strain out of managing your Amazon Vendor orders alongside your website orders. 
For more information about how this works, head over to the KhooCommerce website here. 

Can I find out more? 

To find out more simply get in touch with our team and we look forward to putting together a demo for you to view.