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Introducing the 'Waterfall' Layout View

02 November 2016 16:48

KhooSeller are pleased to announce the arrival of the 'waterfall' view for pages. Alike the photo sharing platform, Pinterest , the 'waterfall' allows your content tiles to 'fit' around each other, creating a mood board look. 

This view is particularly effective for displaying volumes of visual content on mass as it gives the visitor an overview of your brand. Pinterest use the view to engage their visitors visually and promote click-throughs to the content. 

For galleries, blogs or even a folder of pages, this view is simple to implement and a validated tool for promoting visual engagement.

Features of the 'waterfall' view

  • Reorganise different-sized content into block areas and position in grid
  • Responsive and cross-browser 
  • Custom max/min columns (as with the tile-view)
  • Can be set to display a pagination when scrolling 

Should you wish to benefit from this view, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help.