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Marketing with Personalisation

Sam O'Reilly
21 July 2017 16:23

"48% of consumers spend more when their eCommerce shopping experience is personalised", "90% of marketers believe that personalisation is the future of eCommerce" and "74% of consumers get frustrated when content has nothing to do with them." - Smart Insights.

Types of online personalisation

User Generated

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What does it mean to be personalised and for small businesses how can you increase sales by building elements of personalisation into your website experience? 

- Personalised Products 

Best practice for personalised products 

Examples of ability to personalise / customise 

- Personalised User journey

Best practice for users products  - make as personal as possible 

Retailer vs Consumer -


- Personalised Comms 

Again, more personal is better but how do you get this?!! 

Screenshots of personalised emails - Abandoned cart, marketing emails, review emails etc. 

- Personalised Support

Live Chat // Real people