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YouTube Premium

Sam O'Reilly
22 June 2018 10:37

Youtube Premium has launched, so what? 

YouTube Premium goes you a free three month access to your 

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium (Formerly known as YouTube Red) is the new paid subscription version of YouTube that offers new exclusive features to users, Subscriptions start at £11.99 a month and there's also a free 3-month trial.

Some of the YouTube Premium features include;

Ad-Free Videos - Lets YouTube Premium users view all the content on YouTube without ads.

Download Videos - YouTube Premium users have the ability to download and keep any videos on YouTube.

Background Play - On mobile devices, tablets and other devices using the YouTube app, YouTube Premium lets users play videos in the background while using other apps and when the screen is off.

YouTube Originals - YouTube Premium users get access to original movies and high-production series and shows featuring celebrities and popular YouTube creators.

Access to YouTube Music - Included in the YouTube Premium subscription is a premium subscription to YouTube Music. YouTube Music is a competitor to Spotify and Apple music. The premium version lets users download music to listen to offline, and an ad-free experience.

Google Play Music - YouTube Premium users get Google Play music at no extra cost.

How does this affect you?

YouTube Premium is sure to drive more traffic to YouTube, so if you're not using YouTube for content marketing, now would be a great time to start, especially as everyone gets a free 3-month trial. For the most part, YouTube content marketing won't change too much, but here are a few things to keep in mind with the new YouTube Premium features.

When planning and creating future content for YouTube, make sure that it can be enjoyed in an audio-only format. Content such as podcasts or narrated videos will be able to make use of the new background play feature.

Upload podcasts to Google Play Music. Google Play Music was often overshadowed by other music streaming alternatives such as Apple Music or Spotify, however, YouTube Premium comes with a free Google Play Music subscription and it's likely to see a large increase in users. So if you're producing podcasts, now would be a great time to submit them to Google Play Music. The Audacity to Podcast made a great guide on how to do this.

Check, check again, and then triple check to make sure that your video is perfect before posting it. With the new download feature for YouTube Premium members, downloading video is literally as easy as clicking a button. Make sure that all videos that you post are a good representation of your business as any mistakes could be saved by your viewers.

How can we help

If you have any questions about the new YouTube Premium service, and how it might affect your business, please feel free to Contact Us. KhooSeller' specialised support team can also help with embedding your YouTube marketing. From uploading videos to embedding them on your website.