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AvancerUK Launch New Look eCommerce Website

01 September 2023 13:16

As a fan of Breaking Bad I was more than excited when Avancer UK approached us to update their website. As specialists in measuring devices (such as the measuring wheel used in the final season of Breaking Bad!) Avancer UK have a world wide reputation for excellence.

The products that Avancer sell are possibly the most complex that we have ever seen. With such specialism Avancer needed a site that could not only manage variants, but one where variants worked alongside customisation.

Avancer also had other requirements, such as software that was easy to manage in-house, managed their inventory, and their customers.

As with all our customers we worked closely with Avancer to help them create the site. The design was created to reflect their demographic. User experience also played a vital role in the design process, with a fully functioning search being essential so that customers can search for their specific items.

Even though here at Khoo Seller we have been creating eCommerce websites for 20 years, we were extremely challenged by the complexity of Avancer UK's products. As a result we knew that it was essential that Mike and the team at Avancer UK could add in their own products, upload pdfs, and add images. Training was given, and on-going support will continue as the site becomes more populated.

If you are looking to sell a complex product range then Khoo Seller is ideally placed to help you. For further information please contact us.