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London Pet Cremations Launches New Site

25 April 2024 15:34

London Pet Cremations launched its new website this week to help Londoners who have sadly lost their pets. The website was created to ensure that animal owners could be confident that their pet would be treated with dignity and loving care as they took their final journey.

Harry Hodson, owner of London Pet Cremations, explained to us some of the horrifying practices that Londoners were experiencing when having their pet cremated. Animals were being cremated en masse, ashes were being returned in plastic shopping bags, and owners were left wondering whether it was their pet who was returned to them or not.

"It was a dreadful situation," said Harry, "and upset me terribly. As a lover of animals, and the owner of a personalised pet cremation service, I couldn't understand how anyone, or group, could be so callous with a beloved member of the family.".

"I determined then that we would provide pet owners in London with a door to door service to ensure that their pet had the best possible care as they took their last journey and would experience an individual cremation that was lovingly undertaken."

"It was also important too that people had the opportunity to be able to have a keepsake of their pet so that they would remember the joy that their animal brought. I wanted that to be part of the service too as a pet is such a big part of an owner's life."

We were more than happy to help Harry with the website, that works seamlessly with his bespoke booking system. As pet owners ourselves we wanted the site to reflect the care and dignity that London Pet Cremations offer, and so designed a website that was warm and friendly. We ensured that the user's journey was as simple as possible because we understand that when a pet dies it can be traumatic and disorienting.

The end result is a calm, clean, easy to navigate, and friendly website that will help pet owners in London to know that their pet is being looked after in their final chapter.

You can see London Pet Cremation's website here, and if we can help to make your idea for a website a reality please get in touch.