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Streamlined Order Processing & Shipment Creation

Khoo Seller doesn't just give you the ability to send Purchase Order Acknowledgments over EDI - it gives you the ability to accept POs in batches, at the click of a button. With mass actions and aligned stock levels, you can quickly accept all orders for which you have stock, as well as cancelling off all orders which you cannot fulfil. 

Once accepted, you can then sort your Purchase Orders by destination GLN. You can then amalgamate your orders into fewer shipments, saving you money on shipping and reducing the manual effort for your team in packing. 

Whilst sending the ASN, Khoo Seller creates a unique SSCC barcode for your packages and provides labels for you to adhere to your shipments, fulfilling License Plate Receive. 

Streamlined order processing with Khoo Seller Amazon Vendor EDI

Laptop with Stock control screen

Synchronised Stock Handling

Align your Amazon orders with your stock, and accept orders that are synchronised with your real-time data. 

Khoo Seller can work with your existing stock system or can become the core of your stock operations. 

Working with your operations and IT team, we will sync your stock with Khoo Seller using an API or timed FTP upload. All our system requires is a simple CSV file of your stock to allow you to make meaningful Amazon Purchase Order Acceptance decisions. 

Sophisticated Automation Options

Beyond your EDI implementation, Khoo Seller’s extensive 'automated workflows' allow you to customise your setup to suit your business.

Based on 'if this, then that' (IFTT) logic, Khoo Seller comes with a number of Automated Workflows which act off triggers to produce particular actions for your team (i.e. reports, emails, stock updates)  

For example,  would you like each of your packing areas to be notified of their orders to pick and pack? We can setup an Automated Workflows  to send a segmented order to each of the warehouse areas, to speed up your picking and packing. 

Auto Fill button on allocate order list