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Dev Update: Khoo Seller integrates with DPD Local

25 November 2019 17:57

Khoo Seller works with your shipping and fulfilment partners to streamline your deliveries to Amazon. We're delighted to announce that we now integrate with DPD Local to automatically create shipments from your Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) 

What does the Khoo Seller DPD integration do? 

If you use DPD Local for your deliveries to Amazon Vendor, this integration allows you to create shipments without using the DPD local application. It uses the weight, size and contents of your packages to create a shipment within DPD. This means that your DPD shipments are aligned with your Amazon Vendor ASNs, without you having to do anything! 

As an Amazon Vendor, you will create an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to tell Amazon what items you are dispatching, in which cartons and with which carrier. With Khoo Seller, we enable you to send the ASN over EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). If you'd like to know more about our Amazon Vendor EDI integrations and what makes them different, click here

If you use the DPD Integration, you'll have a DPD option within the 'Select Carrier' dropdown on the ASN creation screen: 

Once selected, this will mean your ASN is sent with DPD as your carrier and then within the ASN Browse screen you're able to see your DPD ASNs and create shipments as you would within the My DPD Local application:


How can I benefit from the DPD integration?  

If you're an Amazon Vendor, using DPD Local as your shipping partner then you can benefit from this development, without bearing the cost of the initial development. Our Amazon Vendor EDI setup consultants shall be able to advise on how to include this within your Khoo Seller setup. If you'd like to know more about how Khoo Seller supports Amazon Vendors with EDI integrations then do not hesitate to get in touch here