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Save hours of work each week with our smart EDI system.

Auto-allocate stock, auto-invoice and generate labels.

Dispatch mixed shipments, send pallets, reduce operational overheads.

Reduce Admin Each Week

Often teams print out orders and manually check what is in stock with the warehouse. This is slow and can lead to errors. With a smart EDI system you will be able to accept, reject and create pick lists for orders in minutes. 

Consolidated Dispatch Labels

Most EDI systems can't mix shipments together. But with Khoo Seller you can combine multiple POs to one location and optimise shipments. 

Help Reduce Amazon Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be a real frustration for Vendors. EDI can't solve all the problems for you, but can help with:

Misssing ASNs
Incorrect Labels
PO acceptance deadlines

Implement License Plate Receive

License Plate Receive is one of the most helpful changes you can implement. This greatly increases the speed that Amazon receive your packages and can reduce your shortage claim chargebacks. 

Key Features

  • Process Purchase Orders Rapidly
  • Pick Lists to Warehouse within minutes of starting the day 
  • Cloud-Based, Unlimited Users
  • Works with your current ERP
  • License Plate Receive Compliant, Make SSCC Labels

What The Industry Says About Khoo Seller

"Khoo Seller will make an enormous difference in terms of being efficient. You may have 20 hours of work for a full time employee per week processing Amazon orders and stock, and you can reduce that using this software and have your employees doing something else…"

Jérôme de Guigné, Founder and Managing Director of e-Comas.

Save time. Reduce Chargebacks.

Move away from intensive, manual processes that aren't scalable. 

Save hundreds each month in administration and chargebacks. 

Amazon Vendor EDI Integration

The EDI messages the Khoo Seller software will enable are as follows:

  • Purchase Order (EDI850: Incoming Purchase Order)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (EDI855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement) 
  • Invoice (EDI810: Invoice)
  • Advance Shipping Notice (EDI856: Advance Shipment Notice)

Specialist Approach

Joined-up process unlike other EDI systems

Personal approach, we will listen to you

Training for your teams, process management

24/7 dedicated support available


More than Simply EDI

Khoo Seller empowers you to do far more than a simple EDI system. Automate day-to-day functions, bulk-allocate orders, pack mixed ASIN shipments and generate labels. Automatically raise invoices, create pick lists, send details to warehouses.

Get your demo of the most advanced Amazon Vendor Order Processing System today.


Find out more about how EDI works

What does the Khoo Seller Amazon Vendor EDI Implementation do?

Receive Orders Automatically – New orders are pulled into the Khoo Seller system

Control the Orders You Accept – Choose which orders are accepted or rejected

Maintain Inventory Cross Channel – Gain an overview of stock across channels

Group Shipments by Amazon GLN – Reduce shipments through sending consolidated ASNs

Pack Compliantly – Implement License Plate Receive and Reduce Packing Chargebacks

Shipping Notices & Invoicing – Automatically send Amazon Shipping notices and Invoices