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Go international, with a few clicks.

Sell to customers anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world

KhooSeller was built to help your business scale easily. Unlike other platforms, KhooSeller allows you to easily move into other markets and manage large catalogues across multiple different website front-ends. With built-in currency converters, and a range of tax options, with KhooSeller you can have a truly global outlook. 

Selling globally

Display prices in any currency

KhooSeller gives you the ability to set your base prices in one currency (i.e. Pound Sterling) and display alternative currencies (i.e. Dollars or Euros) at the click of a button. Not only this, but you can then round your converted currencies to make your prices more easily understood and the transition from one currency to another less noticeable. 

International options for shipping and tax

KhooSeller allows you to set the country you're based in, for tax purposes. This nifty feature means that you'll collect and track taxes such as VAT correctly and makes sure your shipping options are correct. 

Unite your global channels for accurate stock tracking

Whilst you may run multiple different global eCommerce websites, KhooSeller allows you to group your sites under one 'business umbrella'. This gives you an area to get the overview, manage your stock and accurately report on your global channels. 

Accept payments in any currency

Once you are displaying your product prices in alternative currencies, you are then also able to accept payments in these currencies. We work with your chosen payment provider to help enable this.

Expand into new languages easily

Fearful about Brexit? Want to open a European store quickly? KhooSeller allows you to create a duplicated version of your site, for translation, relatively quickly. This gives you the edge over your competition and allows you to expand into other markets without excessive expense. 

Manage multiple global stock locations

KhooSeller is one of the only stock systems to allow you to manage stock across multiple warehouses. With location tracking and SKU grouping, KhooSeller will ensure that although your stock may be miles apart, the tracking is unified across your global stock locations.