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Affordable UK Based B2B eCommerce Solution that will revolutionise your business

Our feature-rich software will help to reshape your B2B eCommerce business to increase sales, and transform your customer's user experience.

A branded and bespoke website that manages large catalogues, multi-channel inventory, draft orders/quotes, customer and product pricing, price breaks, and purchase ordering.

Affordable, scalable, and easy to use, our feature-rich software can get you selling in a short space of time. 

Increase sales without compromising on design

Just because you have a B2B website you shouldn't have to comprise on the look and feel of your website. With KhooSeller your website will reflect your brand throughout the site whilst making UX and conversion rates a priority.

Our search tool (praised in The Sunday Times) gives quick access to any size catalogue, and with attribute folders (excellent as landing pages), categories within categories, variants, and product customisation your customers will be able to navigate your site easily, and find precisely what they need.

We have also designed the software with your admin team in mind so that they too, can quickly navigate the site to find products and place orders for customers, if required.

Mobile friendly, with the emphasis on usability and conversion, your website will also be easy for you to edit and maintain.

UK based support from a UK company

We believe that relationships are what count in business, so customer service is at the heart of what we do. We will partner with you every step of the way, and help is just an email or phone call away.

Being a UK business helps us to understand the demands of the UK market, and as we respond to these your site will be kept up to date of all updates and new features that we add in so that your site will be able to compete online.

Be in control of your site access

To optimise the running of your B2B eCommerce website you'll need access to your site at any time and in any location. And you'll probably want to control your staff's access to different areas within the site. This is simple to set up, with reports in place to log all changes made by each user.

You'll also want to ensure that only your business customers can access your website.

You can choose to have:

  • Access by automated registration,
  • Approved registration, or
  • Pre-registration, where you set up your customer on your site.

With the latter two options then you have the option of customising product prices for your customer before they log into the site, and enabling them to pay on account.

Product Pricing

To maximise your profits, and provide the correct price to your customer, we offer a range of options so that you have complete control of customers' prices, and can quickly update prices across your catalogue.

  • Custom Pricing on all, or specific products for customers
  • Different prices for variants
  • Trade Discount across all site
  • Price Quantity Breaks
  • RRP shown on product so discount given to customer identified
  • Offer Price
  • Down payment (deposit) option
  • Price on application
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Maximum order quantity
  • Supplier pricing, including Quantity Breaks
  • Supplier price in different currency
  • Multi-buys - percentage discounts, buy one get one free etc.
  • Discount vouchers
  • Easy to change pricing across entire catalogue
  • Multi-currency

Product Data

Providing comprehensive product data is essential to facilitate sales. With KhooSeller creating products is simple. You can use an import facility, or duplicate a product from an existing product, or simply create a new product.

Within the product you can have:

  • Unique SKU
  • Product description
  • Multiple images
  • Tech specs
  • Variants
  • Attribute
  • Unit Size
  • Pack type
  • Weight
  • Brand
  • Variants
  • Attributes
  • Nominal Sales Code
  • Nominal Purchase Code
  • Reseller Pricing available
  • Product can only be seen by designated affiliates
  • VAT code
  • GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number)
  • HS (Harmonised System) Code
  • Country Origin


Managing your stock across your channels is essential to facilitate successful growth. Our comprehensive inventory management

  • Multi Channel Inventory - across warehouses
  • Inventory List - see stock levels and details at a glance. Easily searchable
  • Single SKU, bundles, assemblies, and packs
  • Preferred unit of measure
  • Stock levels
  • Channel Sales Policy
  • Pre-allocated stock level
  • Allocated stock level
  • On order level
  • On hand level
  • Non-inventory SKUs easily identifiable
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Warehouse location - Zone, Aisle, Bay, Shelf, Bin
  • Low stock quantity
  • Low on-order quantity
  • Lead time from order
  • Re-order level
  • Stock Policies
  • Simple stock adjustment
  • Stock take
  • Warehouse parameters
  • Full data exchange available


  • Superb search facility and product attributes so products can be found quickly.
  • Simple ordering process for your customers along with an easy to use checkout
  • Order from last order
  • Payment on account, by card, or off-line - BACS or cheque
  • Order from admin area on behalf of customers
  • Draft Orders / quotes that can be created with customer pricing, special delivery rates, and discount vouchers
  • Customer can edit, annotate, or accept Draft Order
  • Draft Orders can be used to create orders for imported customers with no email address
  • Order notes to assist
  • Abandoned cart email follow up

Order Processing

  • Part allocation and part invoicing available
  • Easy cancellation of any items ordered with money refunded to card if this was payment used
  • Allocation of goods which feeds into inventory
  • Creation of pick list
  • Delivery notes, carrier and tracking reference
  • Delivery note set up

Increase Productivity with Targeted Sales Approach

As KhooSeller is an all-in-one system you have a complete overview of your customer's journey, and can easily build strong relationships to grow your income stream.  And our CRM will manage your interactions with them.

Group your customers into segments and send out emails tailored to them to encourage repeat sales or to upsell related products based on their purchase history