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Pots & Pithoi

"Thank you so much KhooSeller for all your patience and we’re looking forward to working with you for many years to come..."

Dave Dodd, owner of Pots & Pithoi
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Pots and Pithoi benefits from: 

  • Branded bespoke B2C and B2B website
  • Bespoke customer pricing for landscapers
  • Draft orders for B2B customers
  • Product attributes to ease the customer journey
  • Variants and special offer pricing
  • Multi-buy sets and discount vouchers
  • Related items to facilitate cross selling
  • Inventory Management with bespoke roundels shown automatically on products to indicate low stock or pre-order
  • Customised basket and checkout screen to remind customers of lead time.
  • Catalogue Management
  • Use of pop up on home screen for engagement
  • Instagram feed and ability to buy via Instagram Shop
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Integration to Xero
  • A branded website that is easy to navigate and buy from.
  • Full product range online.
  • Related Items.
  • Filtered Search.
  • Bespoke customer pricing
  • Draft orders.
  • Ability to create multi-buys, discount vouchers, and special offers.
  • Seamless sales order processing.
  • Stock Control.
  • Comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Integration to Xero.
  • Customer Relations Manager.
  • Instagram feed and sales via Instagram.
  • Inspiration gallery.
  • Blog

The Background

As the first supplier of Cretan terracotta pots to the UK Pots and Pithoi, based in West Sussex, wanted a holistic approach to their online solution that was easy to manage and not only reflected their strong branding.

The beautiful Cretan pots had become a firm favourite of many landscapers and Pots were wanted to be able to simply provide bespoke customer pricing and draft orders for their wholesale customers.

The Challenge

Pots and Pithoi wanted a website that not only reflected their brand, but was fully functional. It was essential that the site wasn't just an ecommerce website, but had the ability to add in a blog and an inspiration gallery.

Pots and Pithoi's existing set up was split across various pieces of software. They wanted one piece of software that not only was able to provide a website that matched the excellence of their products, but managed the sales and dispatch process seamlessly.

They also wanted a solution that integrated directly with their accounts software so that their whole sales process could be administered simply and more cost effectively.

The KhooSeller Solution

We worked with Pots and Pithoi to gain a good understanding of their brand, their purchasing and sales process, and how we could manage their different sales channels effectively.

Having the ability to create a front end website ensured that the site reflected the unique beauty of Pots and Pithoi's products, but was simple to search and buy from. Everything was tailored so that the site reflected the very essence of the company making a user's journey from start to finish enjoyable.

In the admin area of the website the channel inventory was set up so that every item could be stock controlled with its own policy. The company decided when they wanted informing when stock got to a certain level because of the lead time on new pots and ceramics arriving from Crete. This information was relayed to the customer via branded roundels that automatically appear on the product image according to the stock control policy applied to that product.

With a short training session the team at Pots and Pithoi were able to upload their own products, create multi-buys, add in images, manage their stock and alter prices at a click of a button.

With integration to Pots and Pithoi's accounting software the entire sales ordering process became seamless and it has been exciting to see the increase in sales.

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